Google Chrome Dev Release 57.0.2987.13

Tap into the capabilities of this popular Google browser

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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Google Chrome Dev Release 57.0.2987.13
Google Chrome Dev Release 37.0.2024.2

The Google Chrome Dev Release is a great free tool for anyone who wants to search the web on their computer. Google Chrome is the leader in internet browsing, offering a more user-friendly and comfortable atmosphere for easy surfing. The interface is very basic and most of the bells and whistles are hidden away either in the drop-down menus or require downloading extensions. Google Chrome Dev Release is the future of internet searching and is great for both Windows and Apple users alike.

The best part of Google Chrome Dev Release is that it is incredibly simple. There are no distractions, everything loads with relative ease, and it is a clean page. There are plenty of distractions on the internet, the browser shouldn't be one of them. Google Chrome Dev Release simply fades into the background of the user's internet experience. It really acts as a tool that enables better browsing rather than a hurdle in the way of users getting to the internet.

Google Chrome Dev Release is currently only offered in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. It is offered for both Windows and Apple operating systems. It is made with the internet savvy in mind but does show a promising future for the ease and flexibility of the platform.

Google Chrome Dev Release allows for a lot of customization in the way that users interact with their browser. It allows for the adding of extra tools, bookmarking, and saves users most visited pages.

Within Google Chrome Dev Release the load time is much faster than in any of the competitors. It is not bogged down with other things to load, except the page users want to see. This is incredibly helpful for those who do heavy online work and want to not waste time with loading pages.

The Google Chrome Dev Release is not made to be a primary internet browser like Google Chrome will be. The development release is created in order to share feedback about the interface and to search out its bugs.


  • Amazing user interface
  • Loads pages very fast
  • Incredibly flexible for an internet browser
  • Completely free


  • Google Chrome Dev Release is only a developmental release of the software
  • Best used by the computer-savvy
  • There are bugs in the software

Google's Chrome DevTools is a version of Chrome designed for experienced developers and beta testers who want a chance to debug the web through the popular search engine. Die-hard fans of Google and Chrome are given the necessary access to go beyond the surface to help fix any outstanding issues.

DevTools, although still unstable, allows for easy troubleshooting. Developers can easily track layout issues and set up JavaScript breakpoints. The tool also provides insights on how to optimize code. Developers essentially become an extension of the Google programming family. Those who are interested in making a contribution can and are even given the stepping stones to make that happen.

Google has set up "Discover DevTools," a free course that can be viewed on Code School. Developers can then follow "The Breakpoint," a regular show on YouTube. More how-to tips are provided that answer questions in an effort to keep the community on the same page.

Since DevTools is an ongoing project, it's very likely that developers will encounter issues and bugs of their own. Google is encouraging feedback and has set up a system for submission. The search engine looks forward to develops sharing their experiences especially what was learned. Document authoring through GitHub is welcome, and user interface and experience suggestions are expected.

To further improve the DevTools experience for developers, numerous extensions have been made available. Some of those extensions require debugging, too, so there's plenty of challenging work available for those who are interested.

If there's not enough incentive for participating already, DevTools users will also have access to sneak peeks at what's in store for Chrome's future as it develops.


Minimalist design that doesn't clutter your view

Provides sneak peeks not available to the general public


Meant to be used by experienced developers and beta testers

Still unstable

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